About Us

Zilmor formerly known as Kaya Online is an exclusive online store for designers and unique jewellery pieces.

Founded in 2018, Zilmor is now India's rapidly growing online jeweller, with over 1,00,000 customers.

Like every brand that made it to customers' hearts, Zilmor has a beautiful story behind its journey from just online Jewellery to one of the finest online jewellery shops in India. 

Made By Women For Women

Zilmor is a joint venture brought to life by two passionate sisters, Sajna & Shabna, from Calicut, Kerala.

As a women-made enterprise, the sisters take pride in completing successful years of business, collaborating with many celebrities in south India, and sponsoring choices for accessories for television shows.  

Modern Dreams

Zilmor provides premium quality exquisite and semi-precious jewellery for every occasion. 

The success was only a byproduct. Keeping up with the ever-changing trend and providing 100% customer satisfaction paved the way to what you see today at Zilmor. 

Our designs are mostly preferred by women who are set to mark their statement style with jewellery pieces. A touch of glamour without losing the classic beauty to it. From everyday casual to party occasions, we have designs that steal eyes.

Safe Fashion

Zilmor uses only natural pearls and semi-precious stones extracted from mother earth which are apt for everyday use upon proper care. The materials are allergic-free, making them suitable for all skin types, even for people with sensitive skin types.

As an environmental concern brand, our products are only available in limited stock as we are against mass-produced accessories and fast fashion.

Affordable For All

As fashion enthusiasts, the founders were determined to make kaya jewellery affordable for all. They believe that fashion shouldn't cost one a fortune and that everyone must have the chance to experiment and explore their fashion journey. 

People are switching more and more to Zilmor as their trusted jeweller due to the uncompromised customer service, the premium quality at a reasonable price, top of the trend collection range!

If you are looking for the best Jewellery to flaunt your style unapologetically, you have come to the right place!

Enjoy Shopping and Saving with Zilmor!


To touch the hearts of our customers as their trusted online jewellers!


To be the reflection of women's empower